Raoul Pal Ethereum - There is an AVALANCHE coming for Ethereum and Bitcoin!

31 Jul 2021

Raoul Pal Ethereum - There is an AVALANCHE coming for Ethereum and Bitcoin! Price Prediction NEW July 2021 Interview

New price predictions - An AVALANCHE is coming for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Raoul Pal is one of the most influential macro investors at the moment. He is an ex-Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and he is one of the figures that really spearheaded the institutional adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I have followed Raoul Pal for about 12 months now and every single prediction I have seen him make has more or less come to fruition so when he speaks I listen .Recently Raoul Pal gave his latest Bitcoin and Ethereum price prediction for the next 12 months and it is INSANE.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video to hear how he thinks we get there and what price Bitcoin and Ethereum will get to. He also explains how if there is a stock market and equity crash, how this will play into and effect the Crypto market.

Raoul Pal has also invested in Ethereum and other tokens. According to him, Bitcoin has two attributes: one is a store of value. It's like gold because it's a scarce asset like artworks or real estate. Besides, it has a call option for the future, which is the network effect of Bitcoin and the whole crypto space. This is why Bitcoin will rise when central banks keep printing more money.

In October, Pal started observing the chart of ETH/BTC. He checked the stock-to-flow model and used Metcalfe's Law to value the network which says a network has value proportionate to the number of people on it and the number of interconnections they have with each other. So, this law applied to Bitcoin. He realized Ethereum had the same price mechanism as Bitcoin.

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0:00 "AVALANCHE coming for Ethereum and Bitcoin..."
0:50 Ethereum and Bitcoin latest performance Raoul Pal
4:01 What happens to Crypto if we see a CRASH? (or DEFLATION?)
6:19 Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Prediction (12 months) HUGE!
8:54 Are we in a bubble?

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